Most people aren't ready to accept help and face the issues until they have suffered enough.

If you've suffered enough – Robin can help.

When the suffering of isolation is far greater than the pain you are hiding from –   you are ready to recover.

When the suffering of isolation is far greater than the pain you are hiding from–  you are ready to recover.

"How do I begin to explain how much Robin Woodall has changed my life? I lived my entire adult life with a raging eating disorder. It was so bad that I was binging and purging multiple times a day. When I wasn't purging, I was spending every waking second thinking about food, reading the latest diet books, or exercising obsessively. I did this all for one reason--so that I could stay thin. I believed being thinner would make me feel better, that health would improve my life, and that I'd be more confident in myself, my life, and in my marriage. Losing weight and being healthy became the purpose of my life. I have a masters degree in counseling, spent thousands on the "best" nutritionists and trainers in NYC,  and have sought therapy and healing in all sorts of forms. I was petrified that I would never be healed, never live without an eating disorder, and never be "normal" around food. Nothing ever worked and I was beginning to lose all hope.
"Losing weight and being healthy became the purpose of my life."
Then I miraculously found Robin on YouTube and decided to work with her. With Robin's "no bullsh*t" guidance, I can honestly say that I no longer feel bad about my body. I no longer care to diet, obsess about food and exercise, care about whether I lose or gain weight, and I have not binged or purged in almost three years! I am healthier now than I have ever been-- without dieting, obsessing, or trying to force my body to be what it's not. This healing has opened up my entire world. My mind is free to pursue things that interest me, I am confident in who I am, and my daughters have a role model they can actually look up to!  Robin has helped me to escape the confusion, shame, guilt and hatred I had my entire life, and now I live in freedom to be myself with grace, abundance and love. At first it was NOT easy. But once you accept what she is telling, the process is life-giving and life-transforming."

Robin recovered from a severe obsessive compulsive eating disorder and exercise addiction 18 years ago. Today she has helped hundreds of women and men recover permanently, and now it’s your turn.

If you've sent in a request form and have scheduled a consult, you will need to pay via paypal prior to your appointment. Most people prefer talking on the phone, but Robin will talk via skype or facetime if you prefer. Most people recover within  10-20 sessions with Robin.

For international clients, your calls will be through skype.

90 min consultation: $200 USD

10-sixty min sessions:$1500 USD

20-sixty min sessions: $3000 USD